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Our mission is to empower members of the community to maintain independence by fostering connections to others and facilitating access to resources.

Eastside Neighbors Network is a "virtual village" in development for residents of Bellevue, Washington. It is not a physical place, but a plan for thriving as we grow older in the homes and communities we love.

A virtual village is a member-driven, grassroots, non-profit community organization that brings neighbors together to help one another thrive as they progress through life's Third Act.

Generally developed by and for older residents, villages offer an array of benefits including:

~ Member-inspired social, cultural, and informational programs
~ Volunteer opportunities
~ Volunteer help
~ Caregiver support
~ Access to screened/discounted service providers
~ Information and referrals for local agencies

Most importantly, villages offer opportunities to build friendships in a supportive community. In fact, b
eing part of a village offers some of the social and support benefits of a retirement community, without the need to move out of one's home.

Learn more about villages - visit the Village to Village Network web site.

National Organization Supporting Villages

How it works:
~ Members pay a single annual fee to access resources, services, and social opportunities .
~ Members request services by phone, email, or on the web site.
~ Volunteers are matched with members based on skills and availability. 
~ Programs are announced by email, on the web, and by mail for those who request it. 

It's that simple. We don't like bureaucracy, and we figure you don't either!

Contact us to learn more about Eastside Neighbors Network or to offer your skills to help us continue building our organization. As a volunteer-powered start-up, we're in the market for talent!

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